A New Year

There are years where I have spent New Year’s Eve with lots of friends, and there are years I have sat around at home with my family or just a couple of people.  After spending a nice afternoon celebrating a friends birthday, most people didn’t seem to really have plans for the night.  I ended up hanging out with a couple of friends, watching Top Gear, and relaxing.  Around 11pm we went outside and reflected about the past year.  It was a difficult one for all of us.  We had each been challenged in various ways, and had to make some big decisions.  At midnight, as we began hearing the fire crackers go off, the 3 of us stood in the yard and prayed for this next year.  We prayed for the city, our church, young adult ministry, and each other.  It wasn’t anything big or elaborate, but it was the perfect way to start 2013.  We followed it up with some more tv shows and talking and joking around.  But it was standing there with each other, with all the unknowns of this next year, with all of the changes coming, knowing that God is in control and being excited for what He has in store, that made it a memorable New Year.