Throughout this week we have been taking turns sharing our stories.  These are the stories of how we got to this point of joining JV and preparing to move to whichever country we will be serving in. It was such a blessing to hear the unique ways God has been and continues to work in each person’s life.  Even sharing my own story of how God has brought me here was a good process for me to go through.  Such a good reminder of how He is in control and has a plan, how His timing is perfect, and how I can always trust Him.

The week before leaving for orientation I was going through my old blog, and ended up just sitting there giving God thanks for all He has allowed me to do and be a part of over the years and how faithful He is even when things are really difficult.  I am thankful for the people He has put in my life over the years, and for all of the crazy places He has allowed me to go and live.