I spent this past week in Wheaton, IL at orientation for Josiah Venture.  There were 16 other Missionaries in Training (MITs).  It was a great group of people made up of four going to Hungary, two couples to Albania, one couple to Slovenia, and a band called Divine Attraction going to Czech.  The Barnabas Team (BTeam) organized and ran the orientation. This is the team I will be a part of.

Although a lot of the information was review for me (I have had to use all of the systems at some point in the past in the various part time ways I have been involved with JV before), it was so good to hear it again, and be reminded of the vision and mission, as well as to meet all of the people that were there.  Completing this next step made all of this feel  bit more real.  Its been a crazy process, but so worth going through and seeing how God has been working through it all.